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Media, Technology and Social Change

I am VP of community and social affairs at the Israeli Internet Association (ISOC-IL) and a lecturer on media, communications and social change at Ben Gurion university. Previously i was co-director of Sikkuy-Aufoq’s Department for a Shared Society and established the "equal media" project, promoting fair representation of Arab citizens and Arab society in mainstream Hebrew media. I was also director of Sikkuy’s Public Affairs Department and served as it's spokesman during my tenure as deputy director of social and political clients at Unik, a media consultancy firm based in Tel Aviv.

Since 2018 I teach Communications and Social change at Ben Gurion University and between 2014-2019 i taught media and social change at the Reichman University's school of communications. 

Before joining Sikkuy, I was a media strategy and public relations advisor for various civil society organizations, philanthropic foundations, academic institutions and political organizations, and supported various public protests, struggles and campaigns. Previously, I was an editor and writer for Haaretz and wrote for various cultural magazines.

In 2020 i joined The Graduate Program in Science, Technology and Society (STS) at Bar-Ilan University, focusing on digital politics and social media studies. I hold a BA in History and Computer Science and an MA in Latin American History, both from Tel Aviv University. I live in Herzliya with my partner Ardith, and our two children, Neomi and Yair (and Booby the dog).

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Publications in English:

Articles ans Interviews

London Review of Books:

On Pegasus (Vol. 43, No. 21, 4/11/21) - PDF Version

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Diego Maradona: The Last Preacher of Poor Man’s Soccer (3/12/20)

Jerusalem Post

Israeli Government declarations about media diversity are a deception (24/7/17)
A new and important experience for the Israeli prime-time spectator (26/7/16)
Study: Arabs underrepresented in Hebrew media

Nieman Reports: Getting Beyond Stereotypes on Israeli TV News (by Naomi Darom, 6/7/16)

Indian Express: Meme row and other reasons why Israeli PM’s son is always in the news (Neha Banka, 7/2020)

Al-Monitor (Nurit Canetti): Why are so few Arabs interviewed on Israeli TV? (August 2016)

The 7th Eye - Cyber-Spying is the New "Israeli Pride" (21/6/17) 

972 magazine - The Israeli media’s outsized influence on Jewish-Arab relations (16/11/15)

Heinrich Boll - Can the COVID-19 Crisis Become a Turning Point Toward a Shared Society in Israel?

Webinar: Invisible Citizens? The Exclusion of Palestinian Arab Israelis from Israel’s Mainstream Media

More than one in five Israeli citizens is a member of the Palestinian Arab minority. But you certainly wouldn’t know that if you turned on a news or current affairs program on Israel’s mainstream media. Israel’s Palestinian Arab citizens, and Palestinian Arab society generally, have historically been underrepresented on mainstream TV and radio in Israel – as journalists, as commentators, as studio guests, and as topics for news coverage. Current trends in politics and economy are starting to change this picture, but is it only a temporary phase?

These topics were discussed on Wednesday, 18 August by Eman Kassem, a radio journalist, and Edan Ring of Sikkuy, who leads that NGO’s campaign to promote the representation of Arab citizens and Arab society in Israel’s media in a special webinar moderated by Dr. Anwar Mhajne of Stonehill College.


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